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Arevon Wind Portfolio (Former Capital Dynamics)

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

An example of how good design prolongs the life of a wind farm(s) and inhibits terminal degradation.

Former Capital Dynamics (Now Arevon Energy) Management Team

Arevon US Wind Portfolio Statistics/Background

Total Owned Capacity: 450 MW

Average Wind Farm Capacity: 150 MW

Average COD: 2015

Location(s): Briscoe, Baylor and Knox Counties, Texas

All wind farms COD in 2015

Capital Dynamics Wind Energy Transaction History

Offtake: ERCOT Wholesale Market

Arevon (Capital Dynamics Divested) Wind Farms

Source: ACPA

Source: ACPA

Figure 1. Arevon Wind Farms Regional Capacity Factor Map


Arevon (Capital Dynamics) Divested Wind Farms Net Power Generation

Figure 2. Briscoe Wind Farm Net Power Generation

Figure 3. Map of Briscoe Wind Farm (Briscoe County, TX)


Figure 4. Green Pastures I Wind Net Power Generation

Figure 5. Green Pastures II Wind Net Power Generation

Figure 6. Map of Green Pastures I & II Wind Farms

(Bayler and Knox Counties, TX)

Figure 7. Arevon Wind Capacity Factor

Starting April 2015

Sources: EIA,

For more information on Terminal Degradation, see please our TurbineHub Repower Forecast blog: TurbineHub Repower Forecast

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