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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Wind Energy Analytics

Our Product Offerings

TurbineHub Core

Empower your wind energy projects with the ultimate data solution. For onshore endeavors, gain access to extensive wind farm data, including generation stats, real-time LMP pricing, and more. Meanwhile, our offshore package offers a wealth of insights, from generation analytics to grid connectivity details.


With 400+ layers of data from 35+ sources, all updated and displayed geographically, TurbineHub Core ensures informed, data-driven decisions for your success in the wind energy sector. Streamline planning, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities with our powerful data-driven platform.


Empower your financial decisions with WindProfit, the ultimate wind energy asset valuation and analysis platform. Built on Esri ArcGIS and Microsoft Azure, WindProfit offers 225+ economic inputs and presents 2.7 million possible economic outcomes to evaluate existing, planned, or potential wind energy assets.


Our engineered workflows, designed by wind energy specialists, provide accurate projections for forward-looking production and cost profiles. Financial professionals can quickly screen, rank, and compare assets based on performance, breakeven prices, and valuations under diverse scenarios.


Gain a competitive edge with WindProfit's comprehensive wind energy database and transparent economic models, streamlining your valuation and analysis process for optimized portfolio performance.

Wind Resource Analyst

Unleashing Invaluable Wind Insights at Your Fingertips! Discover the speed and efficiency of Wind Analyst, where complex wind data transforms into insightful analysis with a single click. No longer reliant on costly consulting firms that take weeks or even months, our cutting-edge software delivers comprehensive wind resource calculations in just minutes.


Access over 2.3 million data points from multi-terabyte weather models with unrivaled speed and precision. Whether you're evaluating existing assets or planning future projects, Wind Analyst offers a game-changing advantage by providing rapid, in-depth analysis that fuels efficient decision-making and strategic planning.


Embrace the power of instant, data-driven wind insights with Wind Analyst.


The leading wind energy development monitoring solution powered by cutting-edge Esri ArcGIS technology and unmatched satellite data from Planet Labs. Stay ahead in the dynamic wind energy landscape with precise and up-to-date monitoring of both onshore and offshore projects across the entire United States.


WindScout empowers you to make sound decisions and maintain a competitive edge, offering granular insights not available elsewhere. Track your wind energy assets like never before and maximize their potential with the unparalleled monitoring capabilities of WindScout.


Stay informed, stay competitive, and unlock the full potential of your wind energy investments.

Wind Permit Watch

Your ultimate subscription-based publication for top-tier market intelligence in the wind energy sector. Stay ahead of the competition and identify lucrative investment opportunities with comprehensive monthly updates on FAA permits, streamlining initiatives, and the latest wind energy permitting developments.


With Wind Permit Watch, you gain crucial regulatory insights that drive informed investment decisions and ensure smooth project implementation. Anticipate market trends, adjust your strategies proactively, and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of wind energy investment.


Stay current, stay successful with Wind Permit Watch.

Landowner Intelligence

A powerful integration between TurbineHub and Regrid, combining 200+ parcel data attributes with 400+ wind energy-related layers from TurbineHub Core. This collaboration empowers you with actionable insights for strategic planning and decision-making in wind energy investments.


Discover comprehensive coverage of existing and future landowners, including crucial data on projected energy generation, potential royalty revenue, and Net Asset Value (NAV) of wind energy royalties.


But it doesn't stop there—Landowner Intelligence goes beyond parcel-level data, providing essential information on onshore and offshore interconnections and right-of-way ownership.


This extensive coverage ensures you have a clear understanding of project complexities, enabling you to unlock opportunities and optimize your wind energy investments.

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