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Papers & Presentations

Recent events in which TurbineHub has contributed

Repowering Potential Unveiled: Assessing Capacity Factor Improvements and Predicted vs. Actual Performance in Wind Energy Underwriting using PLUSWIND, NREL SAM, and EIA Generation Data (NAWEA/WindTech 2023)


TurbineHub's response to BOEM's Request for Information and Comments on the Preparation of the 2023 Gulf of Mexico Offshore Wind Lease Sale Environmental Assessment (April 2023)

boem gom.png

TurbineHub's Response to BOEM request for comment regarding SouthCoast Wind DEIS (March 2023)

NA Right Whale SouthCoast Wind.png

TurbineHub's Response to Massachusetts 83C Round 4 Offshore Wind Solicitation: Request for Public Comment (March 2023)

Mass Procurement Remaining (2023).png

TurbineHub's response to NYSERDA's LSRRFI23-1 Purchase of Offshore Wind and Tier 1 Renewable Energy Certificates Comment (Feburary 2023)

NYSERDA Cap Factor.png
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