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Wind Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Key Elements

I. Introduction

  • Purpose of the agreement

  • Parties involved in the agreement

  • Effective date of the agreement

II. Description of the Wind Energy Project

  • Location of the project

  • Capacity of the project

  • Description of the technology used

  • Project timeline

III. Power Purchase Terms

  • Quantity of energy to be purchased

  • Price of energy

  • Payment terms

  • Performance guarantees

IV. Operation and Maintenance

  • Responsibilities of the parties for operation and maintenance

  • Inspection and maintenance schedule

  • Insurance requirements

V. Interconnection

  • Responsibilities of the parties for interconnection to the grid

  • Costs associated with interconnection

VI. Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance with state and federal laws and regulations

  • Compliance with environmental and safety standards

VII. Dispute Resolution

  • Procedures for resolving disputes between the parties

VIII. Termination

  • Circumstances under which the agreement may be terminated

  • Consequences of termination

IX. Miscellaneous Provisions

  • Representations and warranties of the parties

  • Force majeure

  • Assignment and delegation

  • Entire agreement

X. Signatories

  • Signature lines for the parties involved in the agreement.


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