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Revolution Wind LLC

Owner(s): Orsted and Eversource

Nameplate Capacity: 704-720 MW

Number of Turbine: 88-90

Turbine Make/Model: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SG 8.0-167 DD

PPA Rate: $98/MWH

Table 1. Revolution Wind Detail

Source: ACPA,

Figure 1. Revolution Wind Project Map

Source: BOEM

Figure 2. Revolution Wind Lease Map

Source(s):, ACPA, FAA, BOEM, Maxar

Figure 3. Revolution Wind LLC Wind Speed Map

Source(s):, ACPA, FAA, BOEM, Maxar

Figure 4. Revolution Wind LLC Economic Projections


Source(s):, ACPA, BOEM

Figure 5. Revolution Wind LLC Power Generation Projections for Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Source: The Narragansett Electric Company d/b/a National Grid RIPUC Docket No. Schedule NG-1 Page 1 of 70

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