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Mendota Hills Repower (Lee County, Illinois)

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Mendota Hills Wind Farm Background

Mendota replaced the 63 legacy Gamesa WTGs with 29 SG 2.6-126 WTGs, increasing the capacity from approximately 50 MW to 76 MW

Leeward Renewable Energy Background

ArcLight Capital Partners formed Leeward Renewable Energy with the acquisition of Infigen's US Wind Assets in 2015 for $274.4 million.

Leeward was a portfolio company of ArcLight Capital Partner (Boston) until 2018 when OMERS for an undisclosed sum

Figure 1. Mendota Hills Wind Net Generation

Figure 2. Mendota Hills Wind Capacity Factor

Figure 3. Map of Mendota Hills Wind and Repowering


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