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Improving Wind Energy Development and Investments with Data

Updated: Jul 10


Wind energy development and investment require accurate, regularly-updated data from various sources. TurbineHub, leveraging EarthDaily Analytics, integrates GIS with financial modeling to offer comprehensive tools for developers, asset managers, and private equity investors. By providing actionable insights and high-quality data, TurbineHub empowers decision-making, driving better outcomes in the wind energy sector.

The Challenge:

In order to accurately assess and model the complex and dynamic wind energy sector, high-quality, regularly-updated data from a range of sources is essential. For the benefit of financial audiences looking to utilize this data to inform their investment decisions and to track the prospects, impact, and status of projects under development or under consideration, TurbineHub takes on the significant challenge of sourcing and integrating the diffuse data streams that enable monitoring and assessment of wind projects from coast to coast and around the world. With overall project budgets that can reach into the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars over multiple years, the accuracy and insightfulness of preparatory and ongoing monitoring have profound importance.


How EDA is the Solution:

EDA is built from the ground up with the mission of providing actionable insights to decisionmakers in the real world, wich in practice often means not only producing and processing high-quality data, but also providing data and insights within a framework and format that can be easily integrated alongside diverse datasets both within and outside of Earth Observation. With TurbineHub, EDA is able to provide a frequency of revisit and breadth of coverage to encompass wide-ranging of intelligence. With the EarthDaily Analytics Constellation's 22 spectral bands, we can better analyze wind conditions, monitor project statuses, and assess environmental impacts. This advanced spectral diversity allows us to gain deeper insights into wind patterns and optimize project performance, ensuring the most accurate and insightful data for our clients. Taken together, EDA is a key contributor to TurbineHub’s ability to provide investors with a differentiated, multi-faceted risk-weighting platform, ultimately driving the best possible decisions in the development of the offshore wind sector.

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