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Wind Energy Geospatial Analytics.

Powering the new generation of wind energy development and investment.

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Built on Esri ArcGIS

TurbineHub is built on the world's leading GIS software platform to enable the next generation of wind energy development and investment.

Complete Offshore Wind leasing and Permitting Database.

Complete database of all Offshore US wind leases and FAA filed permits, wind speeds, and capacity factors.

TurbineHub Identifier (THI)

One complete database of all active US wind turbine verified by recent satellite imagery .

Integration of Planet Labs Daily 3.5m Imagery 

Improved real-time asset monitoring for the onshore and offshore wind energy industries 

Key Features

  • TurbineHub's proprietary wind turbine database is the only complete US wind turbine verified by satellite imagery

  • TurbineHub tracks from permit to production, in order to provide the most complete US wind turbine database

  • The TurbineHub Identifier is a specialized number assigned to every US-based wind turbine

  • THI number is a unique, permanent, numeric identifier, which is used to identify and track wind turbines from permit to decommission

  • ArcGIS integrated NREL SAM economic model Toolbox

  • Integration of the most detailed wind energy economic modeling software available with the ability to use location-based data and the integrations within TurbineHub

  • Calculate existing and future wind project Revenue, Operating costs, NPV, IRR, PPA, Margin Breakeven

Industry-leading data to drive capital deployment and efficiency.