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The spirit of Nyol, the Jicarilla Apache word for Wind, and the lack of quality, standardized data in the wind energy industry have been our biggest inspiration here at TurbineHub. We strive to provide better, unbiased data and insights to improve investment decisions and optimize capital deployment in the wind energy sector. We believe wind energy can be a viable source of alpha for the institutional investment community. In the spirit of our ancestors, we have an obligation to work as one with natural resources. This is what TurbineHub stands for. Optimizing our relationship with Nyol to empower and propel us into a cleaner and more efficient future.

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Our Story

We are two technically-based energy entrepreneurs building a platform focused solely on the Wind Energy Industry. Our focus is on improving the central knowledge of the industry by providing a first-class Geospatial intelligence software platform to give actionable insights to our clients.

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Principal of Gore Creek Energy LLC, a traditional and alternative energy consultancy . Former Director of Energy Investments at Denver-Area UHNW Family Office. Began career as Reservoir Engineer for ~$250mm institutional energy royalty fund. B.S. Chemical Engineering.


University of Texas at Austin

Dylan Gust

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Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Bettinger

Daniel Bettinger has over 8 Years experience in the US Energy sector. Which includes work on large scale data mining and visualization projects. Compilation of geologic data for multiple academic publications. Geosteering wells in 5 major oil and gas basins. As well as software support, customer care and server networking. He specializes in GIS and Geologic Mapping, data acquisition and visualization as well as software support. He brings a varied background that embodies Turbinehub's approach to data and philosophical ideals of progressing the future of American energy development.

B.A. Geological Sciences and Minor in Business Analytics, University of Colorado at Boulder

Daniel Martinez

    Co-Founder & CTO