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Unlock the Power of Wind Energy: Optimize Your Investments with WindProfit's Advanced Analytics and Insights

Advanced Analytics

WindProfit, built on Esri ArcGIS and Microsoft Azure, offers detailed valuation analysis for existing, planned, or to-be-planned wind energy assets in a web based application.

Leveraging proprietary wind energy data and industry expertise, WindProfit employs engineered workflows to evaluate projects, providing comprehensive forward-looking production and cost profiles specific to the wind industry.

Efficient Asset Evaluation

The user-friendly fully integrated interface of WindProfit enables efficient business decisions, commercial planning, and valuations prepared using advanced modeling tools.

Within minutes, users can screen, rank, and compare wind energy assets based on performance results, breakeven prices, or valuations under alternative scenarios. WindProfit offers transparent and open economic models, facilitating portfolio sensitivity analysis and benchmarking studies.

Strategic Investment Empowerment

Financial industry and energy clients rely on WindProfit's unparalleled project-level analysis to optimize key workflows. Including Streamlined valuation and analysis process.  

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