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Landowner Intelligence

Learn how TurbineHub's Landowner Intelligence, in partnership with Regrid, can empower your decision-making with comprehensive landowner data, interconnection insights, and right-of-way ownership details.

Data Integration Powerhouse

TurbineHub Landowner Intelligence combines Regrid's 200+ parcel data attributes with TurbineHub Core's 400+ wind energy related layers. This powerful integration yields a wealth of actionable insights that can drive efficient decision-making and strategic planning for wind energy investments.

Comprehensive Landowner Insights

In collaboration with Regrid, the nation's most accurate rural parcel data provider, TurbineHub's Landowner Intelligence offers a complete coverage of existing and future landowners. This includes key data attributes related to projected energy generation, potential royalty revenue, and the Net Asset Value (NAV) of their wind energy royalties.

In-depth Interconnection and Right-of-Way Ownership Insights

TurbineHub Landowner Intelligence doesn't stop at parcel-level data. It extends its coverage to provide valuable information on both onshore and offshore interconnections and right-of-way ownership.


This extensive coverage allows stakeholders to fully understand the complexities of project development, including potential bottlenecks and opportunities, thus facilitating strategic planning and decision-making in wind energy investments.

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